Tart Cherry Products

    We offer a large variety of cherry products. Look below for our major categories-

    Sweetened dried tart cherries

    Our cherries are grown in the high desert climate of Utah where the warm days and cool nights allow the cherries to grow plump and full of natural sugar. We ensure our drying process only enhances the flavor of these tart beauties, until they are a treat that is irresistible for children and adults alike.

    Unsweetened dried tart cherries

    Unlike the regular dried cherries, during the drying process we do not add any sugar to these beautiful tart cherries, which creates a delicious snack that cannot be beat for flavor and for health.

    Organic dried tart cherries

    Our Organic cherries are 100% USDA certified Organic, so you can enjoy these treats while keeping true to goals and desires you have in your life.

    Chocolate covered dried tart cherries

    After our sweetened cherries have been dried, we coat them with a delicious layer of milk chocolate for the times you would like something a little different. Delicious in cookies, in trail mix, or alone these are a treat you would want to miss.

    Yogurt covered dried tart cherries

    Designed to be the healthy alternative to the chocolate covered cherries, these are a unique and delicious snack. Coated with a layer of vanilla yogurt, these are snacks you can enjoy even on a strict diet.

    Tart cherry juice concentrate

    Known primarily for health benefits users and research have claimed, tart cherry juice concentrate is also wonderful as a punch or as an ingredient in refreshing drinks. While the FDA has not verified or denied claims of benefits people receive from drinking tart cherry juice, it is still a delicious drink.